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Kickbike for Fun and Fitness in Australia

A KICKBIKE adult scooter is the most fun you can have on two wheels.

  • Invented to keep elite Nordic athletes fit in summer, it’s a remarkable and proven low-impact conditioning tool, which excels in cross training.
  • So, if you have had to give up running, but want the workout that running gave you, then mount a Kickbike, you’ll love it.
  • If you want to improve your running power and strength, then try a 5km kick on a Kickbike.
  • If you are looking for a way to develop core strength while just having some fun, then get Kicking.
  • The Finnish-designed Kickbike is easier to ride than a bike, and, with no greasy chains and complicated gears, it’s much simpler to assemble and maintain.
  • Its pump up bike-like wheels make them less prone to jagging on pebbles, sticks and cracks than common scooters do, which means fewer spills for adults and kids.
  • And a vibrant and friendly community has sprung up around Kickbikes, with group “kicks” for the social rider and also competitions for the driven.
  • You can even kick for Australia in overseas meets.
  • So, let’s kick it for fun and fitness! See the Kickbike in action.

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Money back Guarantee

We believe that the Kickbike is the perfect cross training tool, and to prove it, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee, less the cost of return it’s return freight (so, it’ll be like you paid a hire fee to try it out).  Provided you have given it a fair go, and have been out kicking a few times, and have either not enjoyed yourself, or not felt the muscle workout it offers, then we will give you your money back less the return freight cost. No other questions asked.

Just return it in the same box that it arrived in, and the money will be on it’s way. We will even help by using our freight account to reduce your cost. Just box it up and then contact us by phone and we will organise the rest for you.

Cross-training wonder

A Kickbike big wheel scooter makes the ideal cross-training machine for athletes, sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking fitness. If you have had to give up running, then this is the perfect replacement.  It’s like low impact running.

The Kickbike develops your cardio, core strength, and lower body – all without the injury-causing heavy impact of other exercises. Find out how we know. Read more

Top scooter for adults as well as children

Every Aussie child needs a scooter, right? So, with little kids’ well-being at stake, it should really be the safest scooter available.

Mums and Dads can take heart that they’re cutting the risk of a nasty spill with a Kickbike. And they’re easier to ride than a bike. Read more


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