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"The Kickbike is a versatile piece of equipment that we use regularly in the rehabilitation of our players. The key to it’s usefulness is it’s simplicity. It can be used for general conditioning or specific rehabilitation activities for both soft tissue and joint trauma."

Andrew Weller,

Gold Coast FC

"Hi Bruce, you helped me to purchase a kickbike back in about June 2012 and I am pleased to say that I have been loving it. I have a back injury and I had become very sedentary and gained a lot of weight and have lost 15kgs kickbiking. Yay!"


Queenstown NZ

"Dear Bruce, I have been the proud owner of a white City G4 (with basket) Kickbike since November 2012 and I LOVE IT!!! I live on the peninsula outside Melbourne and am recovering from a terrible injury. I have spent years trying to find an exercise apparatus – that is not boring or difficult – to get me moving again and I thought all was lost until I met you in Brisbane last year. My City G4 takes me to the coffee shop most mornings and I always get adults talking to me about it, curious to know what it is and what it does. I have so much fun using it along the bike tracks and I feel just like a kid again! Although I am not yet strong enough to go far with it, the short trips I do make me smile and I feel terrific afterwards. I don’t even think about the exercise I am getting because it is so much fun! The benefits are incredible and for anyone out there who is afraid or riding a bike, or who wants to do something fun, I highly recommend one of these. Thank you Bruce for bringing the Kickbike into my life!!!! It has been the best thing I have bought in years!!!"



"I bought a Kickbike (Millennium Racer) last December. I have inflammatory arthritis and take medication for high blood pressure. I really needed a form of low impact exercise to get back into shape. Four months of kickbiking later and I just had my yearly physical. My doctor says I now have the blood work and cardio of a 33 year old (I’ll be 53 this summer). Anyway, my doctor is very interested in the kickbike and has suggested that he has many patients that could benefit from using it to work out. Thanks."

Steve Whan,

Vancouver Canada

"I became a Kickbike convert when I was 5 months pregnant. As a keen bike rider I was beginning to find it difficult to ride with my daughter on the tag-along and wanted a fit and fun alternative to getting us to school. Along came Bruce and my shiny new G4. With my daughter on the front and my belly and me at the rear of the platform we easily cruised the streets to school right until the day I gave birth. I even rode the kickbike to hospital! This was my third and easiest pregnancy with my pre- and post-natal fitness significantly enhanced by regular use of the Kickbike. But the physical benefits aren’t the only gains to be had from the Kickbike. It has also proven to be a wonderful conversation starter – be it at traffic lights, bike paths or even from people driving past. Thanks again Bruce for introducing me to the wonderful world of Kickbike!."


North Queensland

"Yep those hip flexors are really getting a workout, something us cyclists find hard to train and often neglect causing that lower back pain we tend to just accept. Oh and don’t mention the calves and hammies, I found parts of muscles that had never been affected by any other sport. I’m loving it. I actually live close to the Dunc Grey Velodrome that was built for the Sydney Olympics and I rode it there and chained it up outside the front door to go watch the National Track championships this weekend. You should have seen the looks it got while it was chained to the handrail. A sort of bemused appreciation bordering on envy. Most comments started with “What the……..” and “Hey check this out”. I think this machine is the perfect cross trainer for those of us who still like the wind-in-your-face experience. And it gets top marks for style."

Paolo Bonelli,

Sydney NSW

"I have been using the cross country kick bikes in my personal training business for approximately 8 months now. I find them to be a great outdoor fun training tool that both myself and my clients enjoy being on. The bikes attract a great deal of attention around the river front in Brisbane which is great for my business. My clients really enjoy the kick bikes because they move fast, look funky and give them a great workout. We know it is a great workout because I get them all to wear heart rate monitors, which records their average heart rate for the session. We get averages anywhere between 138 and 170! with max heart rates well above this at times. I find the kickbikes to be great tools for rehabilitation too. Most people tend to have a dominant side and depending on how severe this is we are able to ‘reawaken’ the dormant side of the body by putting a greater emphasis with the kicking on the weak side. It is another fun way to looking at correcting imbalances."

Anthony Gillespie

"Hi Bruce, I thought I was fit! The bike arrived late Tuesday and as we were going out we didn’t get it assembled until last night (just a minor mix up when someone put the handlebars on back to front!). I headed off in the dark for a quick scoot and then was up early yesterday morning. I only went out for 25 minutes because I’d slept in. Thought I was fit but returned with legs like jelly. Mind you, I’d found the flat easy so I headed off to a hill and realised what a “challenge” that was. I was pleased to have talked to you about the technique. I’m quite happy with how I’m going and even mastered the small hop to change feet which I actually found quicker and easier than the other method (until I tired). A quick half hour out this morning and still loving it. I’m going to be up to some distance in no time (sure!) … 125km is probably a wee way off. That must have been so much fun. It’s seriously cool fun and certainly gets lots of looks."

Erin Fogarty,

Takapuna NZ

"Dear BetterBodiez support office, The use of the Kickbikes over the past three months has been a valued piece of equipment whilst training clients. Every client has at least talked about the kickbikes when they come into the studio, interested in the kickbikes as it something you don’t see too often. All clients who have been out for a session on one these ‘big scooters’ has enjoyed themselves thoroughly and asked where they can get them from and how much they are. Also most clients after use of the kickbikes have found them fun and want to use them again. I have found that apart from the fun side of the Kickbikes they seem strong, durable and fast. The thin tires ensure that the user can build up a good speed as well as a good rhythm to maintain that speed. You also walk away feeling like your buttocks have worked as well as the leg not kicking. This comes about from having the leg slightly flexed at the knee. In conclusion the kickbike trial has been a success and will be used in the future."

Andrew Sparenberg,


"Hey Paul, A few comments and feedback on the kick bike situation. All clients that I have taken on a kick biking session have thoroughly enjoyed the session and have asked to incorporate it into their training plan. It’s something different that no one else offers at the moment, so to have another edge on the competition would confirm our place in the fitness industry. Using the kick bike in combination with boxing and also outdoor circuits increases the ‘fun’ content of the training session. We all know how enjoyable it is to act like a kid again, and the kickbike (a.k.a. ‘big scooter’ helps us to relive our childhood whilst working our way to our goals. THEY ROCK!!!!!!!"

Craig Wood,


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