About Kickbike Australia

About Kickbike Australia

HERE at Kickbike Australia we’re on a mission! We want the whole country to know the health and fitness benefits of our scooters. And just how much fun they are.

Bruce Cook of Kickbike Australia relaxes on a bench at Roma St Parklands, Brisbane, after a kick.In fact, we say they’re the most fun you can have on two wheels, for adults and children!

Adventure sport enthusiast Bruce Cook (left) began selling Kickbike adult scooters in Australia in 2002 after the good folk at Kickbike in New Zealand sent him one to try.

Since then 2300 Aussies have joined him as devotees of the Finnish-designed adult scooters.

The more the merrier

Bruce is also dedicated to aiding and encouraging the vibrant Kickbike community in Australia. He helps connect enthusiasts Australia-wide so they can organise competitive events and social “kicks” or rides.

If you want to meet up with fellow Kickbikers in your area, simply flick us an email or give us a call to register your details and we’ll alert you when something’s happening nearby.

We can also pass on your contact details, to local Footbike event organisers, if you instruct us to. This would be events for other Footbikers as well. Remember that Kickbike is a brand of Footbike.

OK, now you know all about us we’ve gotta scoot. Hopefully you do too, so please check out our great Kickbike range.

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