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Sled Dog Racing

For Dog Sled racing the Cross Max 20D+ is brilliant and continues to prove popular. Just see some of the shots already. If you want to talk to someone who has used the Kickbike for Sled Dog Racing for a number of years, phone Chris from the Canberra Dog[…]
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National Glory

Scooter racing outside Brisbane in Australia is still in its infancy, presenting any player the chance of national glory. As Kickbiking expands, official race meets will multiply, culminating in the selection of an Australian team to compete in the upcoming World Championships. The Governing body of our sport is the (IKSA) International…
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Latest News

Latest News Further racing details All news articles, racing information, plus the chance to leave your comments. Please see Changes to the Half hundred & Hundred club 11th October 2008 This weekends Brissie to the Gold Coast ride was an awesome event, and has resulted in some promotions on the elite Kickbike – Half […]
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News All the latest news is now regularly updated at News prior to 11th October 2008 is at Footbike is the generic name given to human-powered scooters throughout the European countries, like the name Bicycle is to pushbikes. The Australian Footbike Association (AFA) has been established to ensure the sport of Footbike racing […]
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Australian Racing Team

Support the Australian Footbike Racing Team in its quest to beat the world at the World Champs in 2014, and the Australian Footbike Association has won its bid to Host the World Champs here in Australia in 2016. Keep up to date with their progress and results on Facebook see[…]
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Race Details

Race Details Event: Racing in the Southern Hemisphere has only just begun. In Europe they already hold a bi-annual Eurocup series and now in the alternate year they hold the World Champs, the first being held in 2004. Both these events are incorporated into the World Cup – 4 race series every year. Australia will […]
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Going for Distance

Going for Distance Alan Stewart from Victoria Point in Brisbane, currently holds the Australian record for the longest distance kicked in 1 day. His 12 hour record for the distance kicked was 241kms. Other distance achievements are listed in the following formatName – (longest ride in Km) – number of times done the minimum distance […]
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Going for speed

Kickbikes have been dominating the Euro-cup, Europe’s premier Scooter Race for the past 6 years, and Kickbike is also the undisputed standard design manufacturer’s champion.
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Why a Kickbike Instead of Spin Bike to Supplement Your Cycling?

A kickbike is a workout tool designed by a Finnish Doctor, Hannu Vierikko, who used to compete in multisport events and wanted to get into cycle shape at the same time as training all his other disciplines without the chance of injuring his joints – thus inventing what is now considered the fastest scooter in the world!
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Why a Kickbike to Improve Your Running Abilities?

Sure, you can go on running for the rest of your life trying to hone your muscles and improve your running endurance; but why suffer all those high impact miles when you can kick on a footbike, and still get the workout that you need to improve your running?
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