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Desire an engineered body?

Desire an engineered body?

Developed for elite Nordic athletes, the KICKBIKE is arguably the best aerobic workout available. With regular workouts you can expect to stretch the hamstring, strengthen and tone the quadriceps and calf muscles and trim down and firm up the thighs and buttocks! By...

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Reduce your body fat!

Reduce your body fat!

Why an aerobic workout? Strength training utilises Calories, but not nearly enough to burn significant amounts of fat. Maintaining a thick layer of fat over your muscles will conceal your developing muscles. Burning more calories than you eat is the only way to reduce...

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Why a Kickbike to Improve Your Running Abilities?

Why a Kickbike to Improve Your Running Abilities?

Sure, you can go on running for the rest of your life trying to hone your muscles and improve your running endurance; but why suffer all those high impact miles when you can kick on a footbike, and still get the workout that you need to improve your running? LUNGES –...

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News All the latest news is now regularly updated at www.footbike.com.au. News prior to 11th October 2008 is at www.kickbike.com.au/news.htm Footbike is the generic name given to human-powered scooters throughout the European countries, like the name Bicycle is to...

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Latest News

Latest News Further racing details All news articles, racing information, plus the chance to leave your comments. Please see www.footbikeaustralia.com. Changes to the Half hundred & Hundred club 11th October 2008 This weekends Brissie to the Gold Coast ride was an...

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Is a Kickbike easy to ride? Yes, very. It’s easier to learn to ride a Kickbike than a push bike.

Are they suitable for children? You betcha. Kids will master a Kickbike more easily than a regular bike. And kids will get thrown from an ordinary scooter when it hits a rock or stick, but the Kickbike just rolls right on over them. Mums love them!

Can I ride a Kickbike on the road? Yes. A Kickbike can go anywhere an ordinary bicycle can.

Is a Kickbike better for men than women? No, it’s equally awesome for either men and women. Women love them!

In Australia, do I have to wear a helmet like a bike rider? Yes, the same rules apply.

Rear wheel of a Kickbike footbike showing the brake.

How do I stop? Is there a brake? It’s easy. You have both front and rear brakes which are controlled by brake levers on each side of the handlebar.

Are they easy to assemble? Super simple, a 20-minute job. Anybody can do it, and they come with thorough assembly instructions. If you do get stuck though, a bike shop can help for a modest outlay.

Is a Kickbike hard to maintain? Not at all. In fact, it doesn’t have cogs, gears, pedals and a chain like a regular bike so there’s much less to go wrong. Suggested maintenance is outlined in the owner’s manual.

Where can I get my Kickbike repaired? You should be pretty free of breakdowns, but any bike shop can easily fix any concerns.

Where can I buy spare parts? We sell all the spare parts you need at Kickbike.com.au. You can also buy the front wheel and handlebar parts at a bike shop, but the rear wheels are less common in bike shops in Australia.

Can I try before I buy? You can, most of the distributors on our site have a Kickbike that you can try first. If there is no-one in your area, then maybe you can be the first, and then you receive a finder’s fee for anyone that you introduce to us that goes on to buy. The other option is that we offer a money back guarantee. Try the Kickbike for 3 weeks, and then if it’s not for you, then put it back in the box. We then arrange pickup, and once we have it back we will refund your purchase price less the cost of its return freight. So, it’s like paying a hire fee to check it out.

Are there any how-to videos? You bet. We have Kickbike instructional videos here that will show you everything you want to know, such as how to stop and start, how to turn, push and swap legs.

Do you have to be fit to ride a Kickbike? Not at all. Just start at your own pace, and it will help you build your fitness.

Will a Kickbike help me get fit? Absolutely. It’s a fantastic, low-impact form of exercise. It was developed to keep Nordic athletes in top nick during the summer. A Kickbike is especially good as a cross-trainer for runners.

I’m competitive. Is Kickbike just for fun or are there events I can enter? You can race all right. In fact, you can even represent your country overseas at international meets.

Kickbike Australia adult scooter enthusiasts stop for a break at Roma St Parklands, BrisbaneCan I connect with other Kickbikers in my area? Great idea. Kickbikers are the coolest, friendliest people on Earth. Not to mention the most attractive. So if you want to be with other cool, attractive people, then let us know, and we can try to hook you up with others in your area.

Check out our great Kickbike range

Instructional videos for Kickbike adult scooters

How to ride a footbike. It’s simple!

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