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Why a Kickbike Instead of Spin Bike to Supplement Your Cycling?

A kickbike is a workout tool designed by a Finnish Doctor, Hannu Vierikko, who used to compete in multisport events and wanted to get into cycle shape at the same time as training all his other disciplines without the chance of injuring his joints – thus inventing what is now considered the fastest scooter in the world!
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Why a Kickbike to Improve Your Running Abilities?

Sure, you can go on running for the rest of your life trying to hone your muscles and improve your running endurance; but why suffer all those high impact miles when you can kick on a footbike, and still get the workout that you need to improve your running?
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Reduce your body fat!

Strength training utilises Calories, but not nearly enough to burn significant amounts of fat. Maintaining a thick layer of fat over your muscles will conceal your developing muscles.
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Desire an engineered body?

With regular workouts you can expect to stretch the hamstring, strengthen and tone the quadriceps and calf muscles and trim down and firm up the thighs and buttocks! By adopting the proper kicking technique – lifting the knee in front, you will also strengthen your diagonal lower abdominals and lower back.
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