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Changes to the Half hundred & Hundred club

11th October 2008
This weekends Brissie to the Gold Coast ride was an awesome event, and has resulted in some promotions on the elite Kickbike – Half Hundred and Hundred clubs. See below the testimonials

Racing hits the headlines

13th July 2008
Brisbane hosted Australia’s first Short Course Footbike race – held by the Australian Footbike Association Inc. The day was overcast but warm. Everyone enjoyed the day and it was great to see competitors from NSW.

Results for sprints were
Open Mens 200m sprint
1st – Alex Heta 23.72sec – Av speed 30.38kph 2nd – Daran Pratt 24.81sec – Av speed 29.03kph 3rd – Bruce Cook 25.17sec – Av speed 28.57kph
Veteran Men’s 1km Sprint
1st – Alan Stewart 2min 7secs – Av speed 28.24kph
Veteran Women’s 1km Sprint
1st – Lyn Armstrong 2min 52sec – Av speed 20.93kph
2nd – Suzanne Moule 3min 23sec – Av speed 17.72kph
Open Mens 1km sprint
1st – Daran Pratt 2min 19sec – Av speed 25.9kph
2nd – Alex Heta 2min 25sec – Av Speed 24.71kph
3rd – John Ryan 2min 40sec – Av speed 22.43kph
Open Womens 1km sprint
1st – Tracey Lunniss 2min 54sec – Av speed 20.66kph
2nd – Megan Heta 3min 05sec – Av Speed 19.39kph
Cadet Male (12-15) 200m sprint
1st – David Cook 31.2sec – Av speed 23.1kph
Novice Male 200m sprint
1st – Graham Jenner 35.2sec – Av speed 20.45kph
Results for Time trial were
Veteran Men’s 2.5km
1st – Alan Stewart 5min 50.1secs – Av speed 25.71kph
Veteran Women’s 2.5km
1st – Lyn Armstrong 7min 21.3sec – Av speed 20.39kph
2nd – Suzanne Moule 8min 12sec – Av speed 18.29kph
Open Mens 2.5km
1st – Daran Pratt 5min 50.5sec – Av speed 25.68kph
2nd – Alex Heta 6min 15.3sec – Av Speed 23.98kph
3rd – John Ryan 6min 15.6sec – Av speed 23.96kph
Open Womens 2.5km
1st – Tracey Lunniss 7min 23.7sec – Av speed 20.28kph
2nd – Megan Heta 8min 03.4sec – Av Speed 18.62kph
Cadet (12-15) 500m
1st – David Cook 1min 20.9sec – Av speed 22.25kph
Novice 200m sprint
1st – Graham Jenner 1min 31.1sec – Av speed 19.76kph

Well done to all the winners and keep your eyes open for future race dates. Tentatively November for both Queensland and NSW.

Long distance speeds increases again

8th June 2008
Alan Stewart has completed the 165km Brisbane to Noosa century (100mile) challenge put on by USM, in the very impressive time of 7hours 58min 7sec, an average kicking speed of 21.2kph. The completed time included 3 short breaks. This sets new records for speed over distances above 100km, and he also picked up the fastest downhill record in Australia at 94kph. Well done Alan, and thanks to United Sports Marketing for allowing Alan to participate in their event.

Also congratulations to Alan on day 524 – consecutive kicking days

Alan’s old record stands

27th April 2008
The 50km Ipswich Mall 2 Mall charity ride was on again with Alan Stewart trying to beat last years record of 1hr 59mins. The organisers had changed the course and Alan missed the 2 hr mark by 7 mins. Breaking the 2 hour mark last year was an awesome effort. Alans kick on the Sunday was also his 483rd consecutive day on a Kickbike. Well done Alan

Alan Stewart climbs Mt-Cootha 2.5km in 15m

27th April 2008
Alan was timed on the 2.5km hill climb of Mt Coot-tha as part of the 70km Mt Coot-tha challenge. His time was 15 mins and 7 secs. Very impressive seeing as he still had 57km to complete the challenge.

Kickbike Australia wins Business SWAP Business of the Year award

13th Oct 2007
Last night Business SWAP Australia (Salespeople with a Purpose) awarded Kickbike Australia with it’s “Sole Trader 2007 International Business of the Year” award, at it’s national awards night held at Salt and Pepper resort over this weekend.

This is a huge achievement for Kickbike Australia

New Aust average speed record

7th Oct 2007
102km in 4hours and 23 minutes – thats an average of about 24kph. Alan Stewart of Victoria Point in Brisbane has today kicked from Brisbane to the Gold Coast as part of an organised charity ride. He completed the 102km in under 4 and a half hours, a very impressive feat. He is still on track with his number of consecutive days kicking now sitting at 276.

200 consecutive kicking days

20th July 2007
Alan Stewart has confirmed his 200th consecutive day of Kicking, and in order to achieve his goal, he has had to go to great lengths. About 2 weeks ago he had to go out kicking in a storm, so as not to break his record. His biggest kick is still the Great Brisbane Bike ride on the 18th March at 55km.

His goal now is 365 days. Go Alan

New G4 Model X-Country

20th June 2007
The newest model of Kickbike have arrived, Stronger, Lighter and better quality, Lower plate, higher ground clearance, larger plate, better brakes.

See the models pages for details.

100 consecutive kicking days

10th April 2007
Alan Stewart has just phoned me to confirm that he has just completed his 100th consecutive day of Kicking. That means he has kicked more than 10km every day of this year. His biggest kick was the Great Brisbane Bike ride on the 18th March at 55km.

His next goal is 200 days. Go Alan – He challenges others to do the same.

International Kick-on day

17th March 2007
Brisbane – We had a BBQ finish to a casual kick around the bikeways of Brisbane river and Southbank in Brisbane. It was great to sit afterwards and share kicking stories with other Kickbike nuts from Brisbane, while celebrating the Inaugural “Kick-on” Day

Sydney to Newcastle Kick24th and

25th August 2006
John Hyde and Euan Grant from Sydney kicked from Sydney to Newcastle in 2 days . First day they completed 100km and the second day they backed it up with an 86km kick Well done guys and welcome to the Kickbike Hundred club, see below.

New Australian Kick distance record

16th October 2005
Phil McDonald of Melbourne completed 210km as part of “Around the Bay in a Day” an organised Bike ride attracting over 10,000 entrants. His kicking time was 12hrs 15mins. Well done Phil, this is the longest distance ride achieved here in Australia. Both Phil Summers and Bruce Cook completed the 100km event on the same day, in 5hrs 8min. Well done.

Qld athletics kick for stride out performance

March 2005
Some of Australia’s top Coaches at the Australian Track and Field Coaches Congress on the Gold Coast have been introduced to Kickbike by Brendan Purcell, one of Queensland Athletics coaches who is using Kickbike to teach the optimum running technique. He believes that kicking has an amazingly similar technique to the optimum running stride for maximum performance, with the benefits of being low impact and able to perform in slow motion. This means training with less chance of injury and being able to perfect the right position at different parts of the kick.

Brisbane Lions Kick butt

January 2005
Brisbane Lions AFL team have purchased the Kickbikes to use in their rehabilitation training. See Testimonials for the article that appeared in the paper.