Race Details

Event: Racing in the Southern Hemisphere is still growing. In Europe they already hold a bi-annual Eurocup series and on the alternate year they hold the World Champs, the first being held in 2004. Both these events are incorporated into their World Cup – 4 race series every year.

Australia will be represented again at the 2022 Footbike World Champs being held in Estonia. We were the first Southern Hemisphere country to participate at these events in 2008, and have continued to have a team at every World Champs since.  We also intend adding Footbiking to Australia’s list of official competitive sports.

There are also a number of fundraising bike rides being held around Australia, which we have permission to enter on Kickbikes. These are great for getting out and achieving some longer distance rides, while getting some awesome support from other participants.

For the latest racing and event information, see www.footbike.com.au and register there for their mailing list.