• Kickbike, the ultimate cross-training tool, perfect for improving fitness and toning the body
  • The Kickbike is perfect as a full cross-training tool, to really kick your butt into shape.
  • Great for rehabilitation, due to the low impact foot strike
  • Safe and easy to control, because of the size of the front wheel.
  • Put the fun back into fitness training and play hard.
  • Ride this bike without getting saddle sore (a sore butt)
  • The worlds best Adult sized Scooter – non powered – Kickbike
  • Currently being used by International Triathletes, Rugby, AFL, Hockey, Surf Ironmen, Athletics coaches, sprinters, long distance runners, Physios and chiropractors throughout Australia, for Glute activation, core strength development and Rehabilitation.

They are also used for Sled Dog racing