Why a Kickbike to Improve Your Running Abilities?

Sure, you can go on running for the rest of your life trying to hone your muscles and improve your running endurance; but why suffer all those high impact miles when you can kick on a footbike, and still get the workout that you need to improve your running?

    • LUNGES – Strength improves quicker when lunging supporting your body weight, than when you are using your current strength in cycling


    • LOW IMPACT – very low foot strike impact means don’t suffer from the high impact injuries suffered by runners, yet still get all the running benefits


    • LOT LESS INJURIES – Train on the Kickbike and then only run for conditioning. Less impact less injuries, more time at full performance.


    • SOLID GLUTE ACTIVATION – the bum is not stationery therefore all movement targets Gluteal muscles and promotes great core strength development and Glute Activation


    • EASIER TO REST – one can relax while cruising downhill, also the kick technique allows the body to relax briefly at the top of the kick


    • OPTIMUM RUNNING POSITION – Kickbike position mirrors running position throughout the entire kicking movement


    • OPTIMUM RUNNING TECHNIQUE – Track Coaches are already using the Kickbiking to teach the optimum running technique


    • NO NEED FOR SPECIAL SHOES – just step straight onto the plate, your Joggers or cross trainers are fine


    • BUILD STRENGTH QUICKER – having no static position helps build core strength quicker


  • POSTURAL CORRECTNESS – You can use the Kickbike to teach the current running positions at slow motion, which is impossible if you are actually running. In fact, Kickbiking is an ideal training device to be used by any athlete that has a sprint component, or core strength requirement, in their chosen sport

** Replace either 1 run or one cycle out of your weekly program with an intensive 40 minute Kickbike workout, and see some amazing results in 2 months.

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